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Plews Tyres MX3 FOXHILLS GP Hard Rear - 120 / 90 – 18




Pattern Name: FOXHILLS GP

Pattern Number: MX3

Conquer Hard Terrain with Confidence!

Introducing the MX3 FOXHILLS GP, the ultimate hard terrain tyre designed to dominate the most demanding tracks, inspired by the iconic British race track Foxhill in Swindon. Engineered for super hard pack tracks that are fast and stoney, this tyre is your ticket to unparalleled performance and control.

Key Features:

  • LFC Technology:Our proprietary Lateral Flex Control technology revolutionizes the carcass design, utilizing high-grade race polyester for a lightweight and heat-resistant structure. Experience unparalleled stability and control even in the most demanding conditions.
  • Tread Design Philosophy - CCT Technology:Our Chipping and Chunking Tread (CCT) design method is engineered to excel on intermediate and hard terrains with varying soil conditions, including rocks and stones. Using a special footprint testing machine, we've optimized the tread to be supported at high lean angles and loads, reducing the chance of chipping and chunking blocks.
  • CCRC Technology:Our Chipping & Chunking Resistant Compound (CCRC) is developed using some of the world's most innovative R&D methods. With our team of chemists in the UK, we use specialized testing machines to measure rubber loss over time. This data, akin to military tank track development, is utilized to improve compound durability against chipping, chunking, and tearing throughout the development of our MX3 FOXHILLS GP tyre.
  • Asymmetric Tread Design:Front and rear tread patterns are designed asymmetrically from left to right to improve contact patch with the ground, enhancing traction and stability on hard terrain.
  • Larger Tread Blocks:Larger surface area on the tread blocks increases comfort and feel on hard terrain, ensuring a confident ride even in the most challenging conditions.
  • Detailing on Blocks:Blocks are meticulously cut and detailed to improve bite and feel with the ground, delivering maximum traction and control.

Available Sizes:

Rear Sizes (NHS):

  • 120/90-18
  • 120/90-19
  • 110/90-19
  • 100/90-19
  • 90/100-16
  • 90/100-14
  • 80/100-12

Front Sizes (NHS):

  • 80/100-21
  • 70/100-19
  • 70/100-17
  • 60/100-14
  • 60/100-12

Road Legal Sizes (DOT and ECE Homologation):

  • 80/100-21
  • 120/90-18

(NHS) Non Homologated: Not for highway service


Join the elite ranks of riders who demand nothing but the best. Elevate your performance with Plews Tyres—where innovation meets victory.


Plews Tyres MX3 FOXHILLS GP Hard Rear - 120 / 90 – 18




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