Unleash the Power of Enduro Excellence with Tough One!

Introducing the Tough One, the pinnacle of extreme enduro tyre engineering. Designed to conquer the most formidable terrains with unparalleled grip and durability, the Tough One is the ultimate choice for riders who demand nothing but the best.

Key Features:
• LFC Technology:
Our proprietary Lateral Flex Control (LFC) technology provides essential lateral flex stabilization, ensuring forward drive without excess rolling and loss of traction—a crucial feature for navigating the challenges of hard enduro terrain.

• CCRC Technology: With our Compound Chipping and Chunking Resistant (CCRC) technology, the Tough One is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining optimal performance, minimizing chipping and chunking for maximum durability.

• UTAC - Ultra Tacky Advanced Compound: The Tough One utilizes the innovative UTAC compound, crafted from a blend of secret ingredients including silica, oils, and high-grade polymers. This compound delivers super-enhanced wet grip and durability, providing unrivalled traction on both wet and dry terrain.

• Extreme Enduro Performance: Hard enduro tyres must strike a delicate balance between ultra-durability and ultra-soft, highly sticky compounds. The Tough One achieves this balance flawlessly, offering the highest levels of grip while withstanding the rigours of extreme enduro racing.

• Widely Regarded: The Plews Tyre Tough One is already widely regarded as the best extreme enduro tyre in the world, trusted by top riders to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability in the most challenging conditions.


Experience the thrill of pushing your limits with the Tough One. Elevate your enduro game with Plews Tyres—where innovation meets victory.

Join the elite ranks of riders who demand nothing but the best. Elevate your performance with Plews Tyres—where innovation meets victory.



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