Unleash Your Enduro Potential with EN1 Grand Prix!

Introducing the EN1 Grand Prix, the ultimate enduro tyre designed for Enduro Grand Prix, Sprint Enduros, Time Card Enduros, and more. Crafted to excel in the demanding world of enduro racing, our tyre is your key to conquering the toughest terrains with confidence.

Key Features:
• Grand Prix Designation:
Our EN1 pattern is named Grand Prix to signify its suitability for Enduro GP, Sprint Enduro races, Hare n Hound races, and other high-intensity racing events.

• Tread Design and Tyre Geometry: Engineered for maximum grip and comfort, the EN1 pattern features a meticulously crafted tread design aimed at reducing chipping, chunking, and premature block tearing, ensuring durability and longevity while maintaining optimal performance.

• CCRC Technology: Our Compound Chipping and Chunking Resistant (CCRC) technology is a compound design philosophy aimed at minimizing chipping and chunking, ensuring durability and longevity while maintaining optimal performance.

• CCT Technology: Our Chipping and Chunking Tread (CCT) technology is a specialized tread design approach aimed at reducing chipping and chunking. With this innovative technology, the EN1 tyre delivers exceptional traction and control across various terrains, providing you with the competitive edge you need to outperform the competition.

• FIM Compliant: Both the front and rear patterns meet the regulations set by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), ensuring compliance with international standards for enduro racing.

90/100-21, 90/90-21


ECE - D.O.T - ACU Homologated

Experience the thrill of victory with the EN1 Grand Prix, where performance meets endurance.
Join the elite ranks of enduro riders who demand nothing but the best. Elevate your performance with Plews Tyres—where innovation meets victory.



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